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Does anyone know how to reset a culligan water softener model 01014042? Answered

My water softener, a Culligan model #01014042, does not seem to be regenerating as it should. I unfortunately am renting it (that's a whole other story called "stupid is as stupid does"). Anyhow, I think I could call the company and have someone come out and look at it but it would be just as easy and probably faster if I could just push a couple buttons myself and reset the stupid thing. It seems that the manuals are top-secret because I can't find them online at all. I just thought maybe a former Culligan Man or Woman could pass on a little info. Thanks for any and all help.


It might be worth having a chat with their customer care people and telling them the problem - The number is on their website. You don't have to accept if they suggest sending an engineer out. What buttons has it got?

Thanks for the suggestion... I guess I didn't even think about them having a website (weird, who doesn't have a website these days, lol). The buttons are status, +, -, and regen. I think I'll check their website, and if I get nowhere I'll unplug it for a while like NachoMahma suggested, and if all else fails I'll have someone come out. Though, if it comes to that, I think I'm going to talk my husband in to buying vs. renting (renting makes me soooo angry) and try a whole new one instead.

If it is possible to reset the beast, it's most likely by turning off, holding down one of the buttons and then turning on and waiting several seconds before releasing it. If there are any lights, they may well blink once the reset has happened. You've only got a choice of 3 buttons . . .
(I can, of course, take no responsibility for anything else which may happen, but it should be OK ;¬)

I'm cracking up at the "fine print". And I thank you much for the help. It's my husband's day off so I'm going to put him in charge of this project today. He's not much of a Mr. Fix-it but I keep working on him.

. If no one comes up with a good answer, I'd kill the power to it for a while (up to 15 minutes) and see if it will reset itself. It should be on a breaker or fuse, so you shouldn't have to get into any wiring or take the unit apart. . Since the program is probably in non-volatile memory, don't hold your breath, but it may just be a glitch in the microprocessor that a reboot will fix.