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Does anyone know how to stop the buffering while watching a movie on the web? Answered

I think that's what it's called. The movie plays for a few seconds and then it stops and has to catch up with itself. Sometimes it takes forever or it even just stops all together. I have a Mac mini. I don't know if this is coming from Adobe or it has to do with my computer? Any help would be appreciated. Lisa


pause the movie to let the buffering go forward. then click play when enough of it buffered download the movie and watch it from the computer itself

How do you download a tv show? Remember, I have a Mac, so I know the commands won't be the same as a PC. I have a PC also but it's not my primary computer. I was considering hooking it up to my TV so I can get rid of Direct TV (way too expensive).

it depends on the sites and format of the video

in some you may be able to fetch the location of the video from the html code of the page

in some you may find it with a network analysis application

for some sites (mostly youtube-type and not tv-type) there are download sites. for youtube and maybe some others checkout keepvid.com

if you install alternative flash viewer / player it may behave better

my only real experience with stuff is in linux on pc. not in windows or mac

thank you so much for the info. I'm going to try using another player and see what happens. Lisa

It most likely has to do with either your Internet connection, or your CPU. If you're watching movies with flash (like on Hulu), Flash is decoding and scaling the video in software. This is extremely slow compared to doing it on the video card. Some ethernet chipsets rely on software to do most of the work, so this can slow down your Internet connection quite a bit. Pausing the video will help, but some sites only buffer a certain amount ahead of time. If this is the case, and your network connection speed drop while watching the movie, then there may not be any easy solution.

I have a satellite connection, I'm not sure of the speed and I have no idea what a chipset is (not too techy) do you know if plug-ins have anything to do with this? I read somewhere they can slow down your computer, is this accurate ? And thanks for the reply.