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Does anyone know how to use Sony Vegas 8.0 Answered

I'm so confused! I downloaded a Sony Vegas trial, trying to get a more advanced editing tool. It opened and I'm using it, but all these big words are confusing me. I'm pretty sure Sony Vegas can deliver my desired effects but I don't know how to use it! Can someone help me?



10 years ago

what do you need to do? I have worked a little bit with it it's pretty easy, I think.

first play around with your project properties size frame rate etc.

the just go to the bottom there should be a tab called media explorer, just drag the files you want to your time line. you can crop them there just by dragging any of their edges.

create more layers on your timeline if you need transparency effects or more audio layers.

to add effects (FX) right click on the piece of video and you should see the option there. You can animate effects by adding key frames and changing the values of your effect on the window that will show up.

there should be a tab at the bottom for effects and for transitions too.. or just try right click where you want to insert one.

These are just a few things you can do.

I suggest that you google a tutorial for beginners. I find vegas pretty useful and easy to use.. it will never be as powerful as avid or final cut but it just depends on your needs.

good look.


Reply 7 years ago

check out my stuff,
if you go to my youtube page and request it using the moderator module, ill make a video tutorial for you. (youtube.com/user/TheJaxCam)


Reply 8 years ago

Hi, I'm not sure how to screen record my screen with Vegas 9.0, I have bought it, the full version (Vegas Pro 9.0e) and I've seen numerous people use it to screen record their screens. How do they?

Thanks soo much :)


Reply 7 years ago

they don't record it WITH vegas, they use different screen recorders and EDIT with vegas (my personal favorite is camasia studio 7, but its a bi pricy)
a free solution would be camstudio with the losess codec