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Does anyone know how treads affect torque? Answered

I am referring to treads like those found on tanks etc. 
If the torque on each wheel in a three wheel set is x ft/lbf how would the addition of a tread affect that torque?  Would it increase/decrease it significantly?  Or at all?  Would the thickness of the tread have a noticeable effect?


The purpose of treads is to spread the contact over a larger area, so the vehicle is less likely to sink into soft spots or otherwise lose the friction needed to move.

There's some additional frictional resistance from the treads themselves, but outside of that I can't see any reason this would affect torque. Think of the contact between treads and driving wheels as a contact between wheels or gears.

Torque is a turning force, tank tracks deliver linear driving force. The main purpose of tracks is to spread weight and negotiate rough ground, torque at the driving wheels comes from the engine and transmission.


As long as they are well adjusted the only effect on the torque measured at the driving wheel would be mechanical drag - also put up the overall weight of the tank.

I think you need to describe you problem a little better.