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Does anyone know if instructables will make it where we can post a picture inline with the text. Answered

I feel like that would make things easier for people to understand. something like;

Do this step. It should look like this:

*Picture of step*

Now do this. It should look like this:

*Picture of next step*.

Other forums have this. seems like a basic feature that would help encourage people to post more meaningful projects.



16 days ago

As someone who has used instructables as a resource for many years, I remember a time when photos and videos did _not_ take the whole width of the page, making the web form, for me, totally unreadable. I can only now look at a pdf of the article I am interested in, which seems somewhat retrograde. Why has this unreadable look happened? Is there no way to specify margins as a reader? I suppose I could give the tab its own window and make it narrow, but come on!


18 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! We'll take it into consideration. Text appears below the image set in our current layout. One way to get a similar effect to what you describe using the Instructables editor is to add fewer images and less text to each step. The end result is more steps, but also more granularity.


19 days ago

You can do that (and much more) with raw HTML if you have a pro account. Tutorial here. However, it's usually not necessary as you should use the built-in step functionality instead.