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Does anyone know if it is possible to colour hot glue? Answered

I am having difficulty locating hot glue sticks in black/red/blue/purple etc. that I need to assemble 3D paper projects. The ordinary "paper" glues out there take far too long to set up so I really need a quick grab glue that won't show when if it ooozes out from the edges...



7 years ago

Apparently there is a desire for people to make their own color hot glue sticks so I have just posted all of the instructions on my web page. Hope that it helps someone to complete a project.

yes, you can use food coloring. As soon as you put the glue on, drop a drop or two of your choice color of food coloring onto the glue. it will stick, and leave your desired color.

Nope. It's essentially impossible to clean the inside of a glue gun, colors would mix, one would have to use (waste) several sticks of another color to get it even close to pure. Double sided tape is great, as lemonie said. Or rubber cement which sticks fast and if there's any ooze you can rub it with a finger and it will pill up and you can just flick it off.

That's why you go to the dollar store and get one glue gun for each color-just like t-shirt artists have multiple airbrushes with different colors in each.

You can get hot glue in different colors (I've seen black, red, white, and green). Here is an example of red:


That said, I wouldn't recommend hot glue for standard paper. It is far too thick, will show through, and add a lot of weight.

A standard glue stick or good old fashioned Elmers glue is probably the way to go. I've made such 3D paper structures before (from here: http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/1006/) and have found those to be best. You just need a slew of paper-clips, closepins, and very light rubber bands to act as clamps while it dries.

Have you thought of using solid glue-sticks (like "Pritt" brand) - they don't ooze, and hold pretty quickly on most papers.

I've never seen colored hot melt. They might make it though. I would try one of the contact glues in a stick form. You just rub it on like a deodorant stick.

You'll struggle to get glue the same colour. Have you considered double-sided sticky-tape? It's quick and easy for paper and hardly adds any bulk. L