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Does anyone know if there is a UV-type (blacklight) EL wire available? Answered

If so, where can I get it?
If not, what option currently available produces the strongest "blacklight" effect on neon or UV reactive materials? (Glow in the dark type stuff) 

I want to outline the brim of a cavalier hat with an EL wire that will make blacklight reactive make-up glow for Halloween.

Any help is appreciated.



Best Answer 7 years ago

When you did your Google search for "UV EL wire," you probably already found out that it doesn't exist. It's not obvious that you need a continuous strand for illumination. A set of 4-6 LEDs, with good diffusers, should suffice for you awesome glowing makeup idea.

Hubby says that this will be a doable option, we just need to acquire the parts.

Good luck! UV LEDs should be easy to come by (Google is your friend :-), and there are several "LED calculators" online which can tell you what resistors to use given your power supply, LED types, and so on.

This is a late answer; so for future makers doing similar projects, please verify that the wavelength of the LEDs that you find are in a safe range for human eyes!

Many (maybe all, I don't know) UV LEDs emit radiation at wavelengths that can permenently damage your eyes! Do your homework before mounting UV LEDs next to your eyes.