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Does anyone know if there is a place near Pomona Diamond Bar Chino Hills, California where i could get reclaimed wood? Answered

I'd be willing to drive a bit further. I always see all of these great projects on here using reclaimed wood but theres no place around this area where i could constantly get reclaimed wood. I guess i could search craigslist but thats always hit or miss.


I got a huge pile of timber that I used to build a massive set of indestructible shelves from a local factory that makes aluminium windows and doors. The aluminium extrusions that they use comes in packing crates of all shapes, sizes and lengths. They pay somebody to take the busted up crates away, so were quite happy for me to take whatever I needed. Think outside the box, (or in this case the packing crate) and look around at the types of industry near you. You may find treasure where others see garbage.

Imagine for a moment that you are some kind of big construction contractor, and you have in your possession a big pile of wood, or scrap lumber, that you want to dispose of somehow.

I mean somewhere in your neighborhood there is a dump, or a recycling center, where everyone takes their scrap wood. If you can find this place, and prove that it exists, then perhaps you could then find a way to beg, borrow, or steal, some or all of their scrap lumber.

Of course this is all based on the assumption that scrap wood does exist in your neighborhood, and it is already going somewhere... You just have to figure out where it is going.


Before I sold my construction company and retired, my company generated tons of used, but serviceable lumber from remodelling and reconstruction projects. For most of those years it was simply easier and more cost efficient to pay dump fees and have the material hauled away. In the later years, reclamation of used material came into vogue and I was able to give or sell some of it to salvage companies. I was happy to do so because though I received little or nothing for the material, my dumping fees were reduced considerably.

Call a bunch of small contractors and see if you can work something out.