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Does anyone know if using more of my left hand will enhance my brain? Answered

I am right handed and I have been thinking if using my left hand will improve my brain. I know that different hemispheres of our brains control the opposite side of our bodies. It is there any benefits in becoming ambidextrous?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes this can help. The creation of neurons Re-Design is refering to is called Neuroplasticity. Exercising and stimulating various areas of the brain increases certain chemicals called neurotransmitters, these cause the brain to create or strengthen connections between neurons.

There are several additional exercises that can also enhance neurological functioning, below are a few that were recommended to me to help my autistic son.

To improve auditory processing and bi-directional communication between the two hemispheres... toss a ball or bean bag from one hand to the other, at the same time play a word game like naming animals with a certain letter or list the states ... something where you have to come up with specific verbal information.

Another bi-directional exercise is to draw large shapes like figure eights, making sure to cross the center plain ie if you use your right hand, draw it large enough so that your hand crosses over to the left side of your body and the left part of your visual plain. This is because our brains are wired both contra-laterally as well as unilaterally.

The most recent studies out have shown a brief period of exercise and physical activity followed by cognitive activities gets the best results. So if you are a college student, taking a short run before math class could very well improve your grade.

You can find a lot more information at DANA.org. This is a non-profit neuroscience organization.

I does exercise your brain.  Exercising your brain creates new neurons (I think that's the right word).  More of them makes learning other things easier.

I think that exercising our brains promotes better neuronal connections that allow synapse. The more we learn, better connection between brain cells. I learned that we are born with a set number of neurons.

That answer is not definitive at this point. What can be said with certainty is that it will improve the kinesthetic connections between you brain and upper left appendage. Communications, for sure, your brain itself...idk.

I don;t know how much it would enhance your brain, but ambidexterity is its own reward. Definitely worth trying.