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Does anyone know of a fluoride toothpast that is sls free? Answered

I just got braces, and, on dentist's orders, I am to use "Prevident5000" fluoride toothpaste every night -- for 18 months. This simply won't work, because I'm allergic to sodium laurel sulfate (sls), and get killer canker sores within hours if I use anything with sls-namely, Prevident5000. Could someone recommend a brand of fluoride rinse lacking in sls?



And why haven't you discussed your allergy with your dentist? Any competent medical professional will ask you in advance about allergies, and will address those allergies in making any recommendations.

Did you even bother to try doing a search for sls-free toothpaste? If not, why not?

You know, I didn't write this to be insulted. I DID do a search for sls free toothpaste, but I didn't find anything. Even if I hadn't looked around, is there any harm in asking if someone knows of a good toothpaste? No one is forcing you answer. Don't you have anything better to do than complain?

Asking for medical advice on an Internet forum is asking for trouble. Not telling your medical provider about an allergy is asking for trouble. Putting those two together is asking to pay for an emergency room visit. Given that you (or your family) can afford braces, then you can afford to ask professionals for competent advice.

If you really want to do your own research, rather than paying a professional, then you should do your own research. If you can't be bothered to do that, then you don't really have a leg to stand on when you get called on wasting other people's time.

Really, you have nothing better to do than go around bothering people?! I just asked if anyone knew of a sls free alternative. And what's this drivel about the ER? I'm not asking for "medical advice", I just wanted to find out if there was anything SLS FREE but has fluoride! By the way, we can barely afford the braces, never mind professional help. It's your own time (and mine) you're wasting here.

I think all Tom's products are SLS-Free. I know their toothpaste is and at least in Canada, it's available from many retailers.