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Does anyone know of an mp3 player that turns on / off when external power is applied / removed? Answered

Would anyone happen to know of a portable mp3 player that has some sort of setting to allow it turn on and off automatically when external power is cut, such as when it is plugged into an accessory outlet in a car?

I am trying to design a simple, inexpensive, and stealthy sound system for a friend's reproduction classic car. There is no place for a standard head unit. What I would like to do is hide a small tripath type amp and a small portable mp3 player behind the dash.

Any ideas?



7 years ago

My old Creative Jukebox Zen NX turns on when you plug it in, but also doesn't turn off when it's unplugged.


8 years ago

My iPod Nano 5th generation will start up when external power is applied... but it doesn't turn off automatically.