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Does anyone know of any Instructables to do while babysitting? Answered

I have popsicle sticks, paper clips, cardboard, string, and that sort of stuff. I am going to be babysitting three kids ages 7,8, and 9 I believe. So does anyone know of any safe and easy Instructables? (Also i don't have any LED lights or anything like that.)


First, check out how to make the ironman mask, you should be able to find something good... I think this thread is really old though, since it says "Aug 12" lol

Ok thanks :) It is pretty old, but I'm babysitting them this summer too so it still helps if people post.


10 years ago

try doing some leaf/coin rubbings with thin paper and crayons.

Swordfight with empty paper towel rolls. Make a can-and-string telephone. Make paper airplanes. Ask them to teach you something. When I was that age I loved making things out of paper clips. I had a whole fleet of little wire fighterplanes on my desk. I was always the Reds, though, because I could make MIGs better than anyone else. Grr. Which brings me to my next point: play Russian invasion/Army/Cowboys and Indians/humans and ailiens. Get 'em active. Makle something that when you're done, you'll have to be active to use it. Once they're tired, they'll be a heck of a lot easier to keep an eye on. Then play a board game or Connect Four, or even better, a game that they get to draw for themselves, like tanks-and-subs. (I don't know if only the kids around here played it, or if other people do and call it something else... I'm working on a writeup on how to play).

Was tanks and subs the one where you drew them on paper, folded it and tried toattack the other guys vehicles? We used to play something like that MANY years ago. It was kind of a ghetto-version of Battleship.

Kinda. We didn't fold. We'd draw the vehicles and some wild Dr. Seuss terrain for them, then take turns putting a sharp pencil point against the gun/torpedo tube of one of our vehicles, then pressing down on the eraser until the pencil shot across the paper. Wherever that line ended, we made a dot. Then it was the other guy's turn. You could "continue" a shot, and sometimes, the "shell" would wind up with some really zany path if you were a klutz. A shell was "dead" when it either hit a vehicle or the ground.

Oh yeah, We played it that way too. Sometime before we quit playing, it had morphed into a road-rally course. Your car was "stalled" wherever the mark ended, and your opponent got a turn.

That sounds like fun. We never had our vehicles move, since the motion would always confuse things too much. Now I wish I'd played some road rally games back in the day. I think I need to have some friends over and have a "Remember When" party and do all the stuff from grade school.

I used to make one every time we ran out of paper towels and Kleenex, it didn't sound to good though. I think it drove my mother insane.

Mine never sounded very good either...

Yes, I rather play my trumpet though. I sounds more pretty especially when you get high up in the range.

What kind of satisfaction do u get from listening to a radio?

I get satisfaction from the song I CANT GET NOOO S-A-T-I-S-F-A-C-T-I-O-N, on my local Rock station.

Do u actually own one? It may sound more manly but it would be difficult to change pitches and make music. Anyways a Didgeridoo is much better.

It's not that difficult..just blowing a bit differently.

But a trumpet can also sound very manly, I guess the trumpet is much more flexible then a shofar.

I know this is late, but if you're still sitting them, I know they will like these.honey sticks

so ummm how did the babysitting go?

Pretty well except the youngest threatened to call the cops and then a cop showed up (not because she threatened to call them) He showed up because of some insurance thingy

1. Why did he threaten to call the cops? 2. What insurance thingy brought the cops around?

I guess you mean to do with the little blighters? As siblings, they'll be competative, so try any of the various paper plane Instructables (such as my own UFO) and have a competition (range, accuracy etc).

Or try the several origami models (again, I did an easy one)

Actually, I have several kid-friendly Instructables - have a look.

You arrive at your sitting job with huge boxes... what are you planning? ...just a quick lesson in medeivel seige warfare...

If I got a babysitter and they brought large cardboard boxes without telling me what they would do, I would not let them inside my house.

And if they brought duct tape as well ... !

tape of there wrists and ship them to australia, unfortunately you left the utility knife in the box and they cut their way out.

My big brother once ducktaped me to a chair, taped a sock in my mouth, taped my hands and feet up and left me in the bathroom

That's terrible, no one should be treated that way. I was the eldest brother in my family and I never did anything so heinous as that.

I mean, I have heard of the "pork pie is a lie" Cockney line, but I am lost as to what you mean. I was a very quiet person, and didn't "beat up my younger siblings" or anything.

Sorry, I thought it was meant to be humour of opposites - I could picture you whistling innocently with your fingers crossed behind your back.

Oh, ok I understand now. No, I was a very quiet Big brother to be honest. More protective than anything of my younger brothers and sister. I wasn't perfect, but I can just imagine the thrashing I would have received had I done something like Sunbanks described.

My bad, I am not always very obvious when I am joshing and when I am not. :-)

oh ok, this was not a forced situation then ? My mistake.....forget that I opened my mouth and then inserted my foot in :-)

It probably sounded forced though