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Does anyone know the best brand of rubber bands that come in large, medium, and small sizes? Answered

Dear readers,

     I am doing a science fair project that involves rubber bands. I need large, medium, and small ones. So, if anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.




As long as they aren't from the Dollar store, Or a office supply store's "Bargain Brand" I wouldn't worry. There's not much selection out there you should only have 1 or 2 decent brands to choose from. If you need some high strength bands go to you local grocer and ask for some asparagus or cellery stalk elastics; many stores will have a small stash for repacking, then tie 2-3 toghther for your different sizes.

Good Luck with your science fair project !


3 years ago

The quality of rubber bands changes with age, heat, and light, so be sure whatever you get is relatively fresh. Office supply stores may be your best source. It can't hurt to ask how long the stock on the shelf has been there.