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Does anyone know the best way to unlock my HTC Legend in Canada? Answered

I'm looking for a cheap, efficient solution. If anyone knows any really good unlocking service websites, let me know as well.


Yeah..it can be easily unlocked using the codes..I found an unlocking service for your htc at http://www.unlocking4u.com/ .You can use this and unlock your mobile easily.

Go to the XDA developers website and download Superoneclick to your PC and extract the zip file. Follow the install tutorials on the XDA website carefully to root your phone, Please note your device must be on the compatibility list.I rooted my Viewpad7 with 2.2 and wound up locked out of the Android Market and Gmail.The great thing about Superoneclick is that it performs both root AND unroot functions.

Good Luck

Take a look at the Cyanogen Mod site