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Does anyone know the furthest shooting knex gun on this site? Answered




DJ Radio

Best Answer 8 years ago

SR-v2 or any slingshot type gun with the same length of barrel.  If you don't want a slingshot there's also a single shot called the "Untangle" or "Not a rectangle" that shoots pretty far with at least 4 bands minimum to get 100 feet of range.  I currently have 7 on mine, but I had 6 on when I made the range test video, which goes around 150-160 flat.

 My bands are extremely tight I can barely pull pack 3 but how on earth did you get 7 on? please tell, oh master. I am not insane. Are they "jamalamagic"?

Well it's hard to tell without building yourself as a lot of creators like to exaggerate their ranges. Pretty much almost every slingshot will fire just as far as the next one as long as they're about the same length so just make any one of the slingshots of which style you like and then extend it to be as long as you need it.

The creators with enough skill to make guns that shoot far are the ones that are the least likely to exaggerate the range.