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Does anyone know the name of this bird? (See Description) Answered

I saw a bird about the size of a robin hopping around in the underbrush. It was black, with white patches on its body. It also had a orange-red stomach, like a robin. What really confused me was that there was a crest, or birdy mohawk on its head. What species of bird it this?


Well, its very hard to say. It could have been, but very unlikley, an Oriole. I think you would have known that though.

There are interesting type of bird called Redstarts, they seem to fit the bill for everything except size - they are sparrow sized. Here's a photo of one of them.


It also could have been a species of Towhee. These are ground dwelling birds that would seem to fit the bill as well, all but the crest part. They are robin sized. Here's a photo of one on them.


If you gave me the habitat and location of where you saw the bird, I may be able to be more helpful. Hope that helps!

Sounds like a rose breasted Grosbeak .

I saw it hopping around in the underbrush of a small forest close to my back yard. When I came closer, it hopped away, but did not fly.


9 years ago

I was wondering if it could be a green kingfisher, but it is mostly dark green rather than black, and I'm not sure about the size too. Other birds with crests are titmice (though they are smaller than robins), flycatchers, and waxwings, you could do a google image search for those.