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Does anyone know this knife ? Answered

My brother just gave me this knife for my B'day. i would like to know where its from. The markings are very worn. It says on the right side of the blade "MO or MC-----" and more, but unreadable. The left says " P----", also unreadable. Here is a picture of both sides too. It looks like a Gurhka style knife. Its 14.5 " OA  and the blade is 9.75 ". Blade is 1/4 " thick. It has a full tang handle too. I thought it was a bayonet but it has no rifle barrel hole on top nor does it have any attachment point. Any help identifying this knife will be deeply appreciated! Thanks, Triumphman



Best Answer 6 years ago

Its a WWI USMC Bolo knife or a copy of one. Without identifiable markings its impossible to say for sure. Most of the authentic USMC Bolos were made by Plumb for several years prior to and during WWI.


Answer 6 years ago

Thanks Burf, you were right on the money! I can make out the words now! PLUMB and USM. You are the man! As ever, Triumphman