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Does anyone know what I've done wrong here? Answered

I used the green screen setting in iMovie and cropped in an additional clip to give this clone effect, but the cropped in image doesn't appear as it should. Does anyone know what I did wrong?



Best Answer 7 years ago

It's iMovie, not you. Don't worry, I share your frustration of this programs. I find that anything past basic editing is so very, very annoying.

Have you tried other editors, like Adobe Premier, (what I use,) or Sony Vegas? You'll be very surprised with how faster and easier it is to make things such as the one above.


5 years ago

Thats really weird

Bad lighting I think.
You want to be much further away from the green (like six feet). Trouble is that you need a lot of green and a lot of lights for that...
You also need better / brighter lighting on yourself, but additional lighting to eliminate shadow etc...

Could you just "split" the frames top to bottom, left/right instead?



7 years ago

By adjusting the "White Point"  in iMovie I was able to get a little better result. This makes me suspect the white balance of my cheap $100 HD camera as the culprit. Darker shirts might solve the issue too. I've been an extra on "REAL" movies and they always tell us not to wear light colored shirts.

I have had the same issue. What I found was that light was reflecting off of the green screen and giving a greenish tint to your shirt, etc. You can fool around with the colors in inspector.


Re-shoot with darker or redder shirts, and it will be fine.