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Does anyone know what a "sonic reflow soldering station" is? Answered

 Where can I get a manual?  Browne is make, no model # on exterioir



Best Answer 8 years ago

Without a model number, it's going to be tough chasing down a manual.  Where did you get the device in the first place?

Try a Google search on "MCT/Browne" (in quotes).  I'm guessing that the Browne Corp. (Santa Barbara, CA) is defunct.  Sonic Manufacturing also makes reflow stations, so maybe they bought Browne? 

A popularly mentioned model is an LR-6 belt reflow station with a 4" belt.  Does that look anything like what you've got?

 My buddy pulled it from a garbage bin at a electronics store which just went out of business, he knew nothing, other than it looke really interesting,
Has a mini-stereo microscope, dovetailed to a alum. block .  Has a foot petal control, and some hand held device( looks like small tv remote) with wires back to the station.
Thanks for the info so far.

Good luck! The lack of info is a real barrier to finding stuff on the Web, isn't it?

What you describe, a microscope and foot pedal, sounds to me more like a "rework" station, than a manufacturing reflow facility.

One thing you might try (if you have the patience!) is a Google Images search:  Start with something broad, like this, and narrow down the search by using caption terms you see on pictures that are more similar to what you have.  I've done this sort of thing myself, and it can take a good hour if you're unlucky.


8 years ago

Have you got a picture?  It sounds like an infrared rework station, but it could be hot air, too.


I'm presuming "sonic" is just the model name or product line, rather than there actually being any mechanical vibration (other than heat transfer) involved.