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Does anyone know what kind of bug/spider this is??!?? Answered

 I just happened to be on floor with my ear against my sub as I'm testing something out, but then I looked at the carpet and saw this dead bug sitting there! My gf has been getting bit in her sleep, well not recently within the last week, but she has like 6-7 bites along her wrist that are weeks old now and they are not healing up worth a damn.

I don't think it's a bed bug, we stayed at a friend's house a long time ago and didn't realize they had a bedbug problem, neither did they, needless to say my gf's skin is scarred all over from bedbug bites. Now we're back at my parents and I did the necessary precautions to make sure we didn't bring any with us, including I kept all her clothes and whatnot in a duffel bag outside in the shed for over a week, if it didn't kill them it at least slowed them down, then I brought it in and washed ALL of her clothes with a hot wash in the washing machine.

Anyways this looks like a spider to me, and thats what she thinks was biting her because they don't look like bedbug bites, but it pisses me off really, I even sprayed all sorts of "Spider-bahn" around my room and around the perimeter of the walls, perhaps that's why I found this one dead??

Anyone help please!

P.S: I live in Canada, and I've heard from a couple people that this year is really bad for bedbugs, at least up here.


That's definitely an insect, not a spider. The long pointy bit at the front makes it look like a weevil, which I think are all vegetarians, so I doubt if it's the cause of the bites.  
It's possible it's some sort of tick bites.  Have you had any dogs in the house recently, or do you live in a country area with livestock and long grass?

 Weevil's are bigger than that aren't they? I apologize, Nacho had said I should put a coin beside the bug and take a picture for reference, but by the time he said that, I had already accidentally stepped on it and smushed it.

I do have a dog but she's had flea treatment from the vet and she doesn't usually go in the water, so I can't say it's worn off. We do kinda live by a field, but we're in a town here ya see, although anything is possible in bruce county.

Looks like a rhinoceros beetle offspring. I've been bitten up by spiders, bed bugs, ect. so I know what alot of them look like... + i'm a entomophobic (A.K.A. insectophobia), and Archniphobic fear of spiders... so I know what they look like. but do a search on what you know.

bean weevils are quite small

If it has (hand) six legs it isn't a spider.

The general body shape makes me think ant.

 I kinda thought that too! We've had some weird ant problems, and it started in the middle of the winter we started getting ants coming out of the woodwork everywhere, in the livingroom, in my room, and some in the kitchen, sprayed some ant stuff on the walls/baseboards and they didn't go away instantly but they did go. They came back again like a week ago in my room, but no where else, sprayed again and they're gone.

It does kinda look like an ant, but not like the ones that have been coming in my house, they're huge juicy looking ants, if that WAS an ant, it's been dead a while and dried out (maybe?)

 kinda looks like a wasp of some sort

 yeah but the wings are easy to get removed