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Does anyone know what shape the knives are in Ranger's Apprentice? Answered

I've loved this book series for so long and recently I have gotten into costuming. I (obviously) want to make a Ranger costume but I don't think the covers of the book are all that accurate (the cloaks are green while in the book they're mottled grey/brown/green). 
A similar question I posted when I first signed up to this website returned the answer that the Saxe Knife looks like a Bowie knife, but I don't know if that quite fits... 
Any suggestions would be helpful, also any tips for the rest of the costume would be appreciated. 
Thanks in advance :)

UPDATE: I'd like to rephrase this slightly. Does anyone know of a blade shape that couldsuit the saxe knife? It is a costume of a fictional item, not a re-creation so I figure a stylized shape would be better. 




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The image looks more like a USMC style Combat/Fighting Knife to me than anything else I know of. The general category of the knife is a Clip Point knife.
Bowie knife is a sub-category of clip point knives that has been colloquially broadened to cover most clip point knives, however, true Bowie knife blades are wider at the clip tapering back to the hilt to create a point heavy knife, making it a little more suitable for throwing.


Yea the one on the cover does look like just a combat knife, but that doesn't quite seem right. In the book it is a "sea axe" basically so I figure it would have a broader blade at the top and be curved. I guess, worse comes to worse, I can just stylize it...


I think that is right.
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that is what I was looking for, do you know how long the blade is? I'm making a role play replica, and want to be as exact as possible, even though it isn't really described.

Here's a pic of my sax machete made by cold steel. It's basically a giant wharncliffe blade. The advantage is the blade stays thicker and therefore stronger to the tip.I etched the pattern on with mustard.


The blade profile definitely fits a bowie knife; not sure about the handle though - that's pretty old school.

In the book the hilt is described as being made from dull brass or something and the handle is leather disks stacked on top of one another. I don't know if I'm interpreting it right though, brilliant story but the author doesn't seem to be all that good with descriptions...