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Does anyone know where I can find plans for a vacuum coffee pot? Answered

I'm looking for a modern design that can be used for camping or working on a site away from a shop. It cannot be made from glass nor have exotic metals. I'm looking for something that can be easily made for low cost. I had thought about modifying a percolator type coffee pot but I'm not sure if it were to work. If anyone has a instructable or a link, that would be great. I've already done a ton of internet searching but it always sends me to the 18th/19th century stuff or out- of -stock models made 20 years ago.



Well in my opinion, vacuum brewed coffee is a bit of a hassle especially when your camping or working away from home. If you want more information about how they work, you can find a good article HERE.

When we go camping (which is a lot), we always use a percolator over the camp fire. Its a little stronger than your average drip brew, but I miss it as soon as I get home and go back to the 'coffee maker'. They are by far the easiest thing to use when you're away from home (and we have coffee 3 times a day).

If percolated coffee isn't your "cup of tea", then I would suggest you look for a french press that's made with acrylic or metal or something other than glass so you don't have to worry about it breaking.

I hope that helps. :)

I know how they work, I'm a machinist by training therefore fascinated by anything that moves. I've also had the perc type coffee before (one of the best sounds at a campsite in the morning other than that of the breakfast call.) My thought on modifying the perc type was to make the rod that supports the grounds cup into a hollow tube with a hole or two at or near the base. Past that idea, I dunno what or how I could split and seal the container into two separate halves.

As for the number of coffee runs, only 3?? Heck, that's what I go through in about an hour!

Hmmm? All our percolators have a hollow tube in the rod that supports the coffee ground cup. So I'm a little confused now? (Sorry if the link I gave was a little "elementary". I wasn't aware you are a machinist). :) As for the coffee runs, we brew 3 different times a day, but heaven knows the amount of cups at each sitting varies... :)

The first image here is the kind we use. The second is another percolator style that has a 2 chamber system. Would something like that work for you?


The first one I have (granted it's from the mid-50s), the second one is getting closer to what I have in mind. Well, I'll work on it when I get the time. Bunnies at the shelter I volunteer at keep me plenty occupied. I have to do the laundry for the shelter and I usually process about 8 bags at around 60 pounds each.

Wow. They sure are busy little bunnies. :) (But totally worth the effort).

Maybe try a thrift store. Those places tend to have a lot of items like these (for dirt cheap), at least you might find the parts you need to modify it into a design that you like.

Good idea. I have a goodwill not too far from me. Thanks and goodnight.

Did you ever try a french press? Nothing beats the flavor of fresh coffee from a french press.