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Does anyone know where I could find a 3-4' tall expandable collapsible "yurt wall-type" fence? Answered

yurt wall-type3-4 ft tall fence, expandable fence that collapses into a tight circle, portable expandable fence that opens to a 10-15 ft circle built like a yurt wall


They used to make "Playpens" for kids like that for outside. More of a containment area. Looked like a ginormous baby gate. Had a latch at one end, and would cllapse down and (I think) roll up. Not sure who made it, but you could probably look at the plder wood style baby gates to get ideas (they were scissor type, like the bugs bunny extensible hand thing with a hammer on the end. I think they called it accordian fence or something.

Tim Anderson's yard, truck, or place he keeps things.

Plans here to make one in an instructable. Discard the rest of the Yurt....