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Does anyone know where to find instructions on making a Derby hat? Answered


I was getting ready to rag on you for not googling "make a derby hat", but then I saw that they all looked like ladies Kentucky Derby hats and even though you didn't give a gender in you info, you did post a picture of a man's derby had from probably about 1900 so  I will assume that you are indeed male or at least want a man's derby hat and I didn't see any instructions on making a man's derby hat so I can assume that either there is little desire for making a man's derby hat or that it is more difficult than you might think it is as I think the better ones are made of one piece of material that is stretched and shaped (blocked) over a form of the right shape which seems really hard to me to do since it's going to be really stretching it pretty thin but if I was a hatier, I think that's what they are called, I would know what to expect so your best bet might be to find one in a second hand shop, Goodwill or maybe a costume shop you have my best wishes for good luck sir or madam!

Well I have googled it (several) times but to no avail, and yes I am male.

Try googling "how to block a hat", or "how to block a bowler hat". That seems to give much better results than including the word "derby".

Try here. They even have a slideshow tutorial which didn't open for me, but might work for you.