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Does anyone no a easy way to reupholster a chair like this chair? Answered


I was wondering if you ever finished your project? I just started a chair pretty much like this, except mine has arms.


I was told I had to compress the springs by burlap straps put stuffing. There has got to be a better way.

It would be best to compress the springs. If you don't compress the springs the cloth cover on the seat will not lay right and sag when a person sits in the chair. Not to mention the person would likely feel like they are sitting on a toilet as the whole seat sinks into the chair. Place a 1 to 2 inch round piece of foam pad on the chair. Rounding off the top of the pad a bit will help give the seat a better shape.Then drape your desired material over the whole thing and start wrapping it under the seat. Start on one side then work your way round tucking a small piece under and securing it to the bottom of the chair with a staple gun. You can find folding techniques online if you want things to look good around the legs of the chair. You may have to cut the materiel a bit and fold it under itself to get a good seam across the face of the legs. Just keep the material slightly tight over the foam pad. When your done trim away any excess cloth with a sharp blade and your done. When the springs are released the pad will be pushed up into the cloth making a nice tight fit.

Thank you, that makes sense to me. I could not understand why I would mess with the springs, they looked fine to me. Do you know anything about the the burlap straps that were on the back? I was thiniking about cutting a peice of plywood to fit in that space and padding it well.

The whole back of the chair was probably covered in material and padding. Chances are the face of the back had buttons sewn into it. The straps are what the buttons where secured too. This image in this link shows a cut away of a chair with buttons on the chair back. You'll see behind the material and padding is similar burlap material. In this case its covering the entire back of the chair to accommodate more then a couple of rows of buttons.

Obviously you don't want to get that involved in it. So i would do like you suggested and upholster a couple of pieces of 1/8" ply and attach them to the front and back of the chair back. Before you do that i would try and stain the rounded outer flanges of the chair back to match the legs. Better yet strip the entire thing and stain it all the same color. Then you can upholster it.

Hi, Thank you for your respone!!

I did tear the chair apart myself, and yes it had buttons and 5 or 6 more burlap straps in the back. It also had really stinky padded pleated material around the edges and a skirt on the bottem. I do not know if I can conquer all of that unless I have some detailed step by step instructions. I have search the internet and all the chairs are different. The springs in this chair are not coils that flop to the side when you take the strings off. It is confussing and sounds difficult to me. That's why I was trying to find a way to redo the chair that was not so difficult.

Duct tape over spongy foam.
Then carefully cut apart the duct tape skin that you
created over the foam and use it as a pattern.

Or just leave it as duct tape over foam
to get that "shabby chic" look.

I was trying for that shabby chic look. But that's not quit what I had in mind.


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