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Does anyone out there have information on a DIY Indirect Evaporative Cooling system? Answered


This a fairly new innovation in swamp/evaporative cooling for humid areas. I would like to build a system. I have found information on building swamp coolers for dry climates, but not the indirect systems. I would appreciate any help or information.

Thank You!

I don't remember the year (about 1986) but this was developed at the

ASU Arizona State University.

It was in the AZ Republic and used salt water to cool the second stage which put out air that was as cool as AIR CONDITIONED air.

Try it an see I expect any of the evaporative coolers to work for you.

Don't they all work the same - Blow air through or over a wet material, evaporation cools the air as much as 10 deg C.

I don't think 100% humidity would change that process as long as the air is moving.

I worked in bakeries in hot countries where they used evaporative cooling and deliberatly maintained 100% humidity.

A Google image search yeilds many helpful diagrams that link to multiple web pages on the subject.