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Does anyone play Seafight? Answered


Well, playing Seaflight on the 'Ibles website would be a hard thing to do. Here's what I'm thinking.

You make a new question on the answers section of the website, and inject ,(assuming there's a security bug in the code,) PHP and Javascript code to do the following when you click on the published question's page:

The web page looks for a specific directory on your hard drive, preferably C:/Program FIles/Seaflight, and uploads it the the server. It then runs it, (the OSs of the uploading computer and server have to match for this to happen properly), and uses a screen-sharing setup to broadcast it to a streaming website such as UStream. An embedded view from UStream will then be put on the 'Ibles web page, and you can now run the program from the server and view it from the web.

Some more javascript and server-side scripting, perhaps AJAX, will then key-log the mouse and keyboard, then send the keystrokes over to the server, where they will be put into the running game of Seafight. You now have 2-sided communication between the game running on the server and you!

Good luck doing this, but be careful. Such code-injecting is outlawed in the majority of the world. I recommend starting your own country beforehand and doing it from there. Tell me how it goes when your done!

Yes, 32 million people.