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Does anyone think that instructables should show you how many votes you got in a contest? Answered

I think it would be nice to see how many votes your instructable gets in a contest? Anyone second this? 



Best Answer 7 years ago

You used to be able to see the numbers of votes, and rank by votes in contest views, but it was found that people voted more fairly and honestly if they did not know what the rankings were.

All you really need to know is "did I win?"

Thanks, but I was thinking that it might be a cool feature if AFTER the contest was over you could see how many votes you got.

Ah, that's an interesting idea.

Thanks. I think it would be a cool feature for instructables to do.

So, now you need to approach the staff and ask nicely...

Yeah, any ideas on how to do that?

At the bottom of the screen, there's an "about" link. Send them a PM.