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Does bigger iPod headphone need more power? Answered

All is in the title, I'm asking myself if some bigger headphone require more power from the iPod , then stock one that come with the iPod.

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Technically yes because the speakers are usually slightly bigger but it won't noticeably decrease the battery life in your ipod.  

I'm a big time audiophile and would advise you to take my wisdom :P
Not all big headphones require lot's of power because the speakers/drivers in the headphones are probably not as powerful. A driver that has the most spectacular output of sound will probably require more ohms to shine. Remember that the iPod can only give so many ohms, and I think it outputs 32ohms. I'm a Sennheiser user and you diffidently have to buy a sound card of some sort to make all Sennheiser products shine.

I use to use my sony noise cancelling headphones with my ipod, they use a AAA battery to work but the experience is great , you obtain a boost power on sound and there's no need to use the volume at the top. so you don´t force your ipod, you must ear them.

it actually depends on the specifications of the speakers of your phones... most of the time, the do.. but in some cases earbuds draw more power because of the wattage-output ratio,

the resistance on the cord also is a factor...


8 years ago

I have not experienced increased power loss when using larger headphones.
Having the same concerns, I took special note to notice.

Nope.  I use real "headphones" with my mp3 player lots of the time.  Especially outside in the wind and when around noisy places.