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Does contact paper (used for wall art) damage a painted wall when it's removed months or years later? Answered

We're not allowed to paint our walls so I wanted to do some wall art using contact paper/adhesive vinyl. It will be up for about 3 years and I don't want it to take the paint off when I peel off the paper/vinyl. Any info or tips on removal would be great! Thanks!!


in 3 years the wall not bing behind the labels may discolor in sunlight. then it will leave signs if you want to decorate use hanged wall art instead like blinds with images

Well, yes. You're going to create a different environment behind the decorations and the paint may not like it. There's no guarantee that the paint won't flake or discolor. That said, if you use a quality product designed for this, then the dammage will be minimal or zero, depending on the quality of the paint behind it. 3M makes a nifty gluestick of "restickable adhesive." It's the same adhesive that you find on post-it notes. It works very well, and I reccomend it. I don't recomend ConTact paper, I've got some very ugly cupboards to prove it will pull paint up. You could however visit a sign shop and ask for their recomendation and buy some vinyl from them.