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Does crow can be a pet? Answered

Can crow be a pet? I heard that they are very smart...:)



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you can get a young one or one that has been a pet they make good pets.

But they are very smart and will "steal" things and take back to their house if loose in the house.  But is something is missing you always know where to find it.

Exactly right  My Grandpa had a pet crow when I was a kid. He had rescued it after it fell (or was pushed) out of its nest.
He kept that bird for about 12 years and it followed my Grandpa around like a puppy.

Yes, they follow people like dogs, its cool :D... But, I dont know how to tame it?

You'll never be able to completely tame a wild animal, even if it chooses you as a pet...um, I mean even if it tolerates your humanity...um...I mean...

Did you know crows can learn to speak (like parrots/etc)?