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Does having submitted a project make you a more worthy user than one that is only here for the articles? Answered

I've lurked here for about 2 years and have recently been called out in the forums for having not submitted any projects. While I realize my use is one sided, does that mean that because I haven't really done anything I felt as worthy of posting, that when discussing the future of instructables that my opinions should be weighed less, or held to a lower standard than someone who has posted 56 projects ranging from home butchery and their love of potted meats (spam) in a 7 step 34 word project to topics as useful as How to get a vasectomy? While this may sound harsh I am simply trying to relay the facts, because I honestly want to know how the instructables.com makers really feel about this. I apologize to those that are offended by the tone of this question.



Best Answer 9 years ago

well i suppose that depends on your discription of "posting an instructable" some of these ibles are suckish, and i suppose that if you comment well and dont act evil you are just as much of a member

You were called out for your tone, and for the clear implication in your posting that whatever benefits you got from your two years of lurking would not have been worth $9.90. If you complain that the site doesn't provide sufficient benefit to you, while at the same time you have chosen to not make any contributions toward increasing the worth of the site, then yes, your opinion may well be seen as less important than those of others who do make contributions.

Might I suggest you go back and re-read that post. Not only did you get the price I quoted wrong (it was only $4.50 per year), you also missed that while admittedly upset that Instructables was taking itself down what I think to be a horrible road, there was a "bug" (since fixed) that would have lead unsuspecting users into a "premium membership" when a standard one has the same benefit/ feature set.

The quoted price was set to be random variable, so that responses could be tallied and evaluated as a function of the alleged price. Some people saw $4.50, some saw $4.95, some saw other numbers. I still point out that you were called out for your tone not your content, a tone which you are continuing.


9 years ago

Well hey, as long as you rank, comment and vote, I'd say you're a contributing member. When you're ready to write your own Instructable then do so!

Whilst every member is valued, a usefully contributing member will, if we are honest, be more highly valued than a member who only watches.

However, the phrase usefully contributing does not only mean posting projects - one can contribute usefully through comments and topics, as well as posting things one has made. Indeed, one of the most generally-liked members contributed only through comments for months before being able to post an instructable.

If a member posts nothing but blurred photos with badly-spelled notes that do not match the images, then they would not be so highly valued.

In real terms you were not a "user" until you posted the Forum topic, before then you were a "viewer". However, as one of the many people who view the site without contributing, your opinion is important as you represent a significant section of site traffic. Your opinions have been noted I'm sure. L

. I wouldn't say that the number of iBles that one has posted makes one more or less worthy. I only have three iBles (and two of those are collaborations).
. But iBles and posts are worth bonus points. "Instructables is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others." - from About page (my emphasis). So, yes, they do matter, but not that much. I'm not going to agree or disagree with someone based on the number of iBles/posts they may or may not have.