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Does he like me and if he does how do I tell him I like him without saying it verbally? Answered

Ok, so I'm a 7th grader that likes an 8th grade guy in my 8th period class. When we in class he will sometimes talk to me briefly and try to make me laugh. He is a lil bit more serious than I am and so I might not be his type but then I feel like he like me but then I don't. Idk what to do, plz help!! Any advice???



Do not rely on unspoken signals. Talk to him. If it all goes wrong, pick yourself up, and move on, equipped with new skills to use in your next similar conversation.

You are 12 or 13, just have fun. If he didn't like you he wouldn't talk to you, and if he had a crush on you he wouldn't talk to you. I know that is confusing but you are in a good place.

If you aren't talking on a regular basis then start. One period a day with only brief interactions doesn't yeild any kind of relationship.