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Does instructable block voting of certain entries? or is it a bug? Answered

I have been trying to vote for Rocking gold collection in the jewelry contest...but it doesn't seem to be registering. When I vote and later come to it...it shows it has not been voted..also when I checked in the jewelry contest...while the other stuff I have voted for shows...this is never appearing. I think it's rather unfair...and to think if others have voted and it's the same?? then this contestant doesn't stand a chance at all! what if it was a bug? then what will instructables team do to help rectify the unregistered votes?

The above is the entry...check and let me know if it's only me or is it the same for others as well...


Please make sure your browser's cookies are enabled and you are logged into the site. If cookies are not enabled our site will not recognize you as a member and will not count the vote (as it thinks you're not logged in)

Also, I've sent you a PM.

Hi... My problem at first seemed solved...now again problems... Can't open jewelry contest at all.

It's down for me, too. We've been having a difficulties after our latest release a few days ago, please bear with us while we sort this out. It'll be back online shortly. Thanks!

My votes are not registering. Why is that? When I reload after voting it shows that I have not voted.

I am getting the exact problem, I have cleared the cache and have cookies enabled, I submitted this as a bug report and got no answers.

I am having the same problem for the last couple of days.Three hours ago I could open the jewelery contest.Now I can't even open the jewelery contest.I am in the process of making some thing for the contest,and wondering if I will be able to see my own project.please need urgent HELP

I'm having the same problem. I've tried to vote for several entries but it's not working. My comments and replies are also disappearing! need help.

Thank god it's not only me! And you not my relative too! I couldn't vote for my Sis in the dream and draw... My aunt had same problem .... We assumed no one wanted the cute and sexy top to come to finals and that the contest was rigged ... And when I informed .,,, I was accused of rigging.. :-( .,, thank god that was cleared up after some mails.
Now that the dream contest voting is over .... It seems that the problem is ok.. If you Have the problem still contact mikeasaures I think he's in charge of such issues