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Does instructables.com sell our email addresses ?!!! Answered

Hi, I subscribed to the instructables.com newsletter for only a couple of days (with an email address I hardly use) and since that I received a bunch of spams in my mailbox ! Weird coincidence, isn't it ? Does instructables.com sell our email addresses ?!!! >-(


Let's test. * I'll sign up under a new name with a brand new email address which I will only give to the site, and not post anywhere else. We'll see if I get any spam from it. For extra paranoia points, I'll sign up with a proxy from another country, just to eliminate the possibility they somehow figure out which one is me and don't sell it to throw us off. I'll lay 500:1 odds in favor of no spam for me, ever. :-D *Disclaimer: I am hopelessly biased towards trust for instructables.

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And alittle over a year later, did you get any spam that you remember?

I've started receiving spam at an address created for and which I've only given to instructables.

. The addy I gave to Robot when I signed up was only given to Robot. So far, I have received zero SPAM at that address. Thank you, Robot.

i think the question is about the newsletter at the bottom of the home page and not the insts sign up

. I am also signed up for the newsletter and notifications. Still no SPAM. Ibles is one of VERY few sites that doesn't SPAM or give your e-mail addy to others. . And the number of SPAM posts is amazing low. Next to impossible to avoid, so one has to expect some every now and then, but Robot manages to keep it to a minimum. SPAM posts are usually removed promptly (weekends and holidays can take a little longer, but, hey, Robot needs some time off, too).

Was probably a coincidence : not much spams since then.

Is your email address anything like your identity? Some spammers use robots that trawl websites for usernames and then turn those into email addresses "on spec". I use three email addresses. One is similar to the username I have for ebay, but I do not use that email address on ebay. However, whenever I make a sale or a purchase on ebay, the address that looks like my username gets a phishing email pretending to be from ebay. (I believe Make magazine sells your email address, though.)

I got my email published in the digital edition of Make and now i get loads of spam each day. Good thing I made the account just for that ;-)

I started getting spam when I gave my address to McAfee...