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Does it take a human to reset the day view counter for 'ibles? Simply curious. Answered

Some days the counter isn't reset, was wondering how it is done?


 I didnt even know there was a day view counter. Where would I go about finding this

When looking at an instructable, in the right hand column, there is  "info", "subscribers", and "stats"....click on "stats" to see total views, and day views. Cman

Can't imagine that this isn't automated.

It may have a bug. Or your browser (or your network) may be showing you a cached copy when it should have picked up the updated version.

No, it just isn't done with every view.  I think it's roughly every half-hour.

Thanks Kman, but I notice that some days are carried over (it seems that the clock is reset at midnight, and that is the question...is that done by someone at 12AM, or is it automatic?  If it is set automatically, then there is a bug. What say you? Cman.