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Does night vision monocular + camcorder = nightvision camcorder? Answered

Greetings all,

Longtime browser, first time poster.  I watched Kipkay's video on using a cellphone with one side of a pair of binocs to create a sort of zoom lens and at that precise moment my dog began barking at some critter outside.  This made me wonder if I could attach a night vision monocular to a camera or camcorder.  I have an assortment of cameras at my disposal, I am a proud garbage picker, after all, and a nice NV monocular somewhere in storage.

Kipkay merely positioned the cell phone camera in the right spot on the binoc lens and was able to see a reasonable image.  Has anyone tried anything like this with night vision?  If the idea is sound I'll dig out my gear and made a stand to keep it all together and post it as an instructable.


why bother when you could just use a load of infrared LEDs or something?

Because that's not the same thing as using a NV system. An NV system amplifies light

Well, I had everything I needed for this project laying around. Unfortunately, I don't have a stockpile of LEDs. Sure, I can buy them, but had I been able to make this work it would have been much easier and more portable.

Yes, I don't see there being any sync issue, because NV monoculars aren't scanned devices.

.  You'll more than likely get some "banding" because you are using two scanning devices (shot some video of your TV or computer monitor to see what I mean), but it will work.
.  I haven't seen the video, but I'm assuming you are talking about "regular" optical binoculars.

Yes, they were regular.  I think I am going to give it a shot.  I just thought I'd ask to see if it was a known impossibility.

Lemonie, the second.

Well, I dug out the NV and there appears to be a problem with one of the lenses.  There is a circular distortion in the center of the image, like a drop of water was on the front external lens, but there is not.  I held my phone against it and was able to see a relatively clear image, aside from the distortion.  If I can find this problem and fix it I think I may be in business.

Reports of your death are greatly exaggerated...

I hope you get this to work, I'd like to know how to successfully do this myself.


It's not impossible, though making video work would be tricky as nacho said, due to banding, though a stills camera at the right shutter speed or a video camera at the right framerate might give a relatively clear image, though it'll still have little lines throughout...