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Does number of views and favorits effects your contest winning ? Answered

Hi .. i know that the votes only have approx. 50 % of the winning descision the other half it the judging panel.
But would like to ask. how much does the number of views and favorites effects the chances of wining. i am asking that because i was wondering about he results of the "indoor gardening contest"

Grand Prize : "Views 1400, Favorites 120"

First Prize 1: "Views 27.286, Favorites 451"

First Prize 1: "Views 2380, Favorites 56"

First Prize 1: "Views 2044, Favorites 76"

Can anyone explain that to me ? 


Views & favourites have no official influence on the results, but I think it's fairly obvious that the more views you get, the more likely you are to get a vote, and the more favourites you get the more likely it is that those viewers actually voted, and maybe even shared your work.

I have judged a few contest and have never considered views or favorites. I have to admit that I only skim each project during the judging process. I always read the intro and then check to see if they detailed enough to build it but I mostly look at the pictures.

As for views vs. favorites, Yonatan brought up good points. Your views will go up if your project is picked up by outside sites (Reddit, Facebook, etc.). The little graph plot icon next to "about this instructable" shows the outside sources. There is a good chance that these people do not have instructables accounts and therefore won't add you as a favorite. It interesting that the grand prize winner of this contest did have an exceptionally high ratio at about 8.6%. My best projects have only run close to 3%.

BTW, you beat me in the contest...I only got a shirt :).

If after being featured in the newsletter, you have more than a 1 like per 100 views ration, that is amazing! I've reached that only with one I'ble though: https://www.instructables.com/id/SpectrumLED-An-INS...

701 favorites with 69,841 views, so it's pretty close...

I published an I'ble yesterday. After 45 minutes, it had 46 views and 6 likes. It now has 684 views and 23 likes. It isn't such an amazing project, so I don't expect that much out of it...

Yeah, most of my projects are closer to 1%. I have a few that are in the 3% range. I don't recall which projects were picked up in the newsletter, featured on front page or placed on Instructables other spots (Facebook, Tumbler, etc). I assume instructables could add that metric (views/favorites) on your profile. BTW, I just noticed that the "percent featured" number has gone away with the new profile page.

It was never added. Or at least I don't recall ever seeing it...

It was there before the new profile changes. There was a percentage next to your username. I thought it was a good idea to keep the quality higher and a guideline to see if you should follow someone.


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1,250,746 Views 3,433 Favorites

I had about half that in the contests I entered and I didn't even get a Tshirt, the grand prize winner of the contests didn't have 1/10th views and likes my Instructable did.

So I can say even large amounts views and favorates has little to do with winning a prize.

If you got 25 likes for 10,000 views, obviously less people liked it when compared to an I'ble with 10,000 views and 150 likes. If more people click the like button, chances are more people clicked vote too, right?

Well, maybe.

Also, the view/like ratio drops when you get featured in the newsletter/ get many views from a different site.

I can have 5K views and 110 likes, but after getting featured in the newsletter it might drop to 40K views and 250 likes. My only I'ble that has a ratio of more than 1 like per 100 views is SpectrumLED V1, but it was WAY more than that before being newsletter'd...

Look at the difference in likes per # of views:

https://www.instructables.com/id/Ultimate-14-in-1-S... - Project: WOW!

https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Repair-Brok... - Project: Nice idea...