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Does peeling make tans go away? Answered

I got sunburned and it became a really nice tan. But now it's all peeling. Will the tan go away after the dead skin peels away?



actually black folks RARELY burn because the melanin in their skin (which produces color) acts as a sunscreen. Thats why older black women look much younger than older white women :D

To be more clear, tan is not permanent. skin tone is.

You may be surprised to find that even blacks tan and get sunburn. But one thing is unavoidable, whether you're a pale white boy like me, as deep brown as dark chocolate, or inbetween, no "tan" is permanent unless you die with the tan on your skin. Only your natural skin color will remain after the skin heals from its overexposure to the sun, be that sunburn or the slow roast we call "tan".


8 years ago

That sunburned skin that got  "tan" is actually damaged, dying or dead epidermis. It looks brown for that reason, it is not an actual tan in the usual sense. Tanned skin comes from the accumulation of melanin. The bodies method of protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation burning, ie, sunburn. The darkened skin you get after the dead skin sloughs off is a real tan.