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"Does rubbing alcohol affect plastic, how and what types?" Answered

I am hoping for someone to point me to research information. I am asking specifically about cleaning plastic water bottles and ice chests/coolers with rubbing alcohol. I was told that alcohol can deteriorate the plastic but I was hoping to know what types of plastic are affected by what types and concentrations of alcohol. Thanks



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You're generally OK with this stuff (alcohol), you'll be right.
Halogenated-hydrocarbons, aromatics and petroleum-fractions tend to be the problem.


I did some reading about concentrations and the like with alcohol and saw that for cleaning purposes 50% alcohol is the minimum to kill off bacteria. I know that most rubbing alcohol is about 70% alcohol. Any thoughts?

If you want to sterilise yeah OK. Mind you caustic-soda is cheaper and cleans things too.


The common theory I've heard about using rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates quickly. With caustic-soda (lye?) would that be effective pose little/no risk for sickness if you were just going to (assuming liquid solution) spray it into the coolers or are you meaning soap and water?

With lye you wash it out. This might not be easy for you though.
Alcohol vapour is a fire-risk, remember that.


Best answer lemonie.

Worst answer caarntedd - "Does rubbing alcohol affect plastic, how and what types?" I don't know, but drinking it has an effect on me.

Hope you don't go blind or suffer from some other severe ailment of wood alcohol. :D