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Does she like what I'm doing? How can I make her be my girlfriend? Answered

I met her 5 weeks ago. She's new to uni actually and I'm 2nd year at uni already.
I like her and I've tried to do everyfing when she needs. I do care for her like buyin her a new fone battery (coz her fone battery death last week). But she still wants 2 pay me back every time I try 2 get her sumfing. What should I do? say yes, she can pay me back or no, she doesn't have to?
I also tried to make her smile or laugh like make fun of her, text her or came to her room...but I know that I should calm down sumtime Because if I do too much, it would make her feel creepy.
Everytime I go with her to uni...i really wanna talk to her, but dunt really know what to talk? Can I just tell her that I like her or just wait for a while? I dunt wanna make the same mistake like last year again...(Last year I told another girl that I like her and she ran away from me).
And yeah...there are 2 or 3 other guys chasing her as well...i'm not sure, just my guessing, but one of them does like her. 100% sure Because he told me last week...but I didn't say anyfing...what should I do? I have a feeling that if I dunt do anyfing, I would loose her.
PLZ HELP...Thanks



What University did you get into?! You write very badly for someone who is educated (on paper).

Stop bothering about her, and do what you would if you were just regular-friends, because in real terms that is what you have.

If you've done her a favour by getting a new battery, that is the favour. She doesn't want you to give her things / money so take the cash.

Don't try to do everything you think she needs, and start looking at other women more. And sort these things out with real-people rather than mystery-internet-entities.


Hey she used my fone and took a photo of herseft then put it on my phone screen last week....do you think that would be a good move?

Just keep yourself relaxed and take it easy. Don't fuss too much, see how things go.
If she ends up liking you then you'll find out, otherwise it isn't going to happen. - Get used to life being either of those things, and not just the one you want.



I suppose I should have read yours before posting my own, since I think we see the situation in the same light.

Yes, I disagree with Kiteman's advice under the circumstances I see.


If she want to pay you back every time she sees you, then she is indicating she's uncomfortable with your method of advance and is in all likelihood not interested.

Save your money, don't try to buy girls, and move on.

Next time she tries to pay you back, tell her that a quiet coffee together would be repayment enough.

During the coffee, pause, and say something like "you know, I've really enjoyed this - you're really good company. Maybe we could do it again? maybe over a pizza next time?"

b.e. honest -- to her, and to yourself.

Analyze your options, decide how you feel and what you'd like to happen - just friends, benefits, very casual, relationship, serious relationship, 'omg love forevr' etc.

Tell her how you feel. Don't be turned off of a potentially great friendship if she doesn't feel the same, just be a good person and she'll react accordingly.

FIRST thing, you can never MAKE someone into your girlfriend.