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Does spraying rubbing alchohol on your body work as mosquito repelent? Answered

I live way out in the middle of no-where, and my driveway is at least a mile long. Because of the distance from civilization, and the densly packed woods all the way around my house, i like to take hikes in my woods in only socks and shoes. But lately the mosquitos are getting reallly bad, to the point where i take the mosquito repelent with me so i can apply it every two minutes or less. I heard somewhere that rubbing alchohol works as a mosquito repelent and i wanted to hear from someone who was tried it. Do you have any other suggestions for repelent? With that much skin exposed, i can't risk too many mosquito bites.


I think the alcohol would do nothing but dry your skin out. why not carry citronella with you on your hikes. also stagnant water attracts mosquitos so try to dump out anything thats holding water on your property. as for the walking naked in the woods you should be carefull. There are a lot worse things then mosquitos out there.

listerine sorry

a good one is to put unflavored literine or other cheap mouthwash in a spray ottle and spray it you can cover the unsensitive parts and the scent in the air will keep the skeeters from your peeter

cloths treated with Permethrin works for me. also avoid using any fragrances such as deodorant, scented shampoo, perfume and watch what you eat. Some say bananas attract mosquitoes. any left over skin should be treated with a DEET containing spray but again avoid that fancy smelly stuff because the fragrance will just attract them more. Walking nude in the woods is probably not a good idea anyways

If you are still living with your parents and trying to earn the respect of your girlfriend's father, I have to second that suggestion about not walking nude in the woods.


9 years ago

I think your best bet is an insect repellant that contains lots and lots of DEET. Just watch out when applying it to those sensitive areas, K? Happy hiking!


9 years ago

Don't smoke!

No - most repellents mask your body smell or contain Deet.