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Does the Earth 4 Energy system work? Answered

I keep hearing about several different DIY guides and everything I hear leads to Earth 4 Energy System as being the best all around. Does anyone know


After a quick look, Earth 4 Energy appears to be a mish-mash of other systems, the constructional details of which are all available for free on the internet.
Don't forget, for a wind generator to be cost-effective you need a lot of wind.
For solar panels to be cost-effective, you need enough sun.
If it mentions 'zero point power', self regenerating energy from magnets, or free power from unknown sources . . . it's a con!

Earth 4 energy and related products are a scam and should be avoided. They give you basic instructions you can find anywhere and tell you to build your own solar panels with no professional directions.

If you want to learn abut off grid living and self sufficiency go to someone that lives the life.

You can see my off grid cabin and solar and wind videos here:



Things like this work very hard to spread themselves all over the internet so that people such as your self keep hearing about them (as the best).

It's mainly information at a price, there's plenty of free information about including stuff on this site (have a look about)