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Does the Swiss Room Box inspire you? Without violating international patent laws, how about making something similar? Answered

Besides the price (over $8K, plus overseas shipping) it seems to take up an awful lot of space, and has some features like the uncomfortable looking chairs I wouldn't use.  But the idea of something that coud fit in a trunk of a car or the back of a minivan that could be used for camping is really intriguing!  Alas, I don't have the engineering skills to design what I'm imagining, but I have to believe there's someone who could use good ol' Yankee ingenuity and probably improve on the Swiss design.  If you Google it, there's a video that shows how theirs works. 

Thanks for reading my question. 



I have designed a micro camper similar to the swiss room box, which can be used for any suv, mpv or hatchback. The difference in my camper design is that it allows the kitchen and storage units to be completely rolled out through the rear hatch door, and this action creates ample room for a sleeping platform in the vehicle to sleep two person. The kitchen and storage units can also be detached from the vehicle, in case you need to drive off. No need pack up. To find out more about my camper design, please visit www.jaxcamper.com


hi dear . whats your web site guse acces pasword

all this stuff looks like evolutions of http://www.greggfleishman.com/structures.html

Hi Suzanne well it has inspired me and i have an almost ready version :P... i have made some changes like... no electric power needed, the water is pumped with a baby foot membrane water pump, its smaller so you can fit it on any car (i own a ford scort like this  and im going to have a 180 cm long 90 cm wide bed ^^) the final price (fully equiped with camping gaz stove, the water pump...) will be around 500€, ill send you some pics if you want when its ready :P...

Do you have pictures yet? How about posting as an Instructable?

:P well i have been busy on holydays, buying a new car where they can fit better (the other was too old :D) but the boxes are already done here are some images (its quality sucks but you can get an idea about how it looks) ill try to make the instructable asap ;)


Sorry, my email is pjhermen@hotmail.com, for if you can send something. Thanks.

Hello, my name is Vitaly I from Belarus. I liked your idea it is just fine! Please if it is possible send drawings to Thanks ew2ss@mail.ru!

Dear Jose, could you please send me more info - pictures and measurements. it is very interesting :)
Thanks a lot

Hi Jose',
I'm looking to do something similar. If you have some other pictures (on sink and pump for istance) and measures, plan, technical solution etc. I'll be very grateful if you post or send those other infos.

My compliments for your work: it seems very well done.


Hi Jose

i like your room boxes. if you can put some instructables or measurements i would appreciate it. Did you put the boxes on your car to see how it looks?

Hi Jose,
This is Shelley in California, USA. Where are you with your project? I am highly interested! Please contact me as soon as possible.
Thank You.

Jose hi! This is awesome!!! I was wondering if u could send me some pic, plans and measurements.. My e-mail: jaka.zukovec@gmail.com


This is fantastic and the quality looks excellent. I hope you post this, I would love to try a build of my own.

Hi Jose,

This is Neeraj Datta from India,

Was thrilled at the idea of a cheaper Room Box - would like one asap - how soon would it be possible and how much will it cost me and what all equipments will be included (pl do send me details on reachneeraj@gmail.com also)

Looking fwd to your reply



Wonderful to hear that you got inspired - after about a year, I'd almost given up. Yes, I would love to see pictures, get specs, etc here, or if I don't get busted for this, to sl17701 at yahoo dot com.

No electricity is great as far as I'm concerned; I camp low impact as much as possible, and use an alcohol stove.

Thanks for posting,



The roombox is amazing. Would anyone that can send me the drawings or spec that I might build my own roombox for my van. Thank you! My email is victor.manuel.lecea@gmail.com


The roombox is amazing. Would anyone that can send me the drawings or spec that I might build my own roombox for my van. Thank you!

BTW, my email is jycomputer@gmail.com

Hi Suzanne

How could have a drawings o plan to build your proyect

Hola José, me encantaria tener mas información, medidas y detalles. Estoy pensando en algo similar para mi coche. Te agradeceria mucho la información

Muchas gracias

Hola José, me encantaria tener mas información, medidas y detalles. Estoy pensando en algo similar para mi coche. Te agradeceria mucho la información

Muchas gracias


7 years ago

It looks like a very nice system but:

I allread can thing about a whole load of stuff that I ant to have with me on a campingtrip that don't fit in it.

You need a big car if you want to sleep in it as they show in the vid (and where is the backseat?

There is a lot of unneeded weight in it I guess because there are a lot of unneeded gadgets like a sink or a shower (will you really shower in plain sight?)

No place for kids.

On the positive side: it is a very neat way to arrange everything in your car without having to 'digg' for stuff.

If you make something like this for your own use, you don't have to worry about patents only when you intent to sell it.

One funny remark: My uncle actually builded something similar for his car. But the police ripped everything out of his car when he tried to cross the first border because they thought that it was a way to smuggle drugs and other illegal stuff. He had to rebuild every single piece of it when he finally crossed the border.

Doesn't particularly inspire me. I think I could get the same essential functions into less space by dispensing with most of the boxes.