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Does the public's vote make much difference to the contests results? Answered

Im just wondering does the pubic vote make much difference to a contests results? i mean if i publish my instructables just before the contest closes, is it going to make any difference compared to if i entered it near the start.





Best Answer 5 years ago

As of sometime last year half of the finalists are selected by community votes and half are selected by the staff. This means good projects submitted closer to the deadline still have a chance. I've had projects subimitted a couple days before (which means they were accepted the day of) the deadline and one submitted less than and hour before that was a finalist so being late isn't a waste of time. Although Kiteman and mpilchfamily are right in pointing out that the sooner into the contest probably the better.
After the finalists are selected the votes don't matter.

The number of votes from the general membership selects the finalists, so, generally, early entries are better, as they have more time to collects views, and, generally, views translate into votes.

The sooner you enter it the better chance you have of more people seeing it and voting for it. Yes the votes count toward the finalist then the contest sponsors pick the winners from the finalist.