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Does this sight pay for submitted articles? ( like ehow for example?) Answered

Does this internet site pay for the articles... I make a certain amount of money each month on articles at ehow.com... what about here? Do you pay or do you just make money on the writers with no writer compensation program?



8 years ago

You have your answer.

And you will now be aware that enquiries of this nature will incur your post being picked at!

It's called "Pro-sicness".

The "sight" (sic) does not make money "on" (sic) the writers. It gets income to cover expenses from advertising and from "premium" memberships, which provide users with access to additional content formatting/layout options. The content itself is free, and is neither paid for nor charged for.

Nope, it's all to take pride in your own acheivements as a Maker, and to be part of the community. Doing it for the money makes you a worker. Doing it for the challenge makes you a Maker.

Nope. You only get a nice fuzzy feeling knowing that you are helping to educate the world.
If you submit a really nice inst. it will be featured like this one, https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Build-A-Guitar-Speaker-Box-Or-Build-Two-For/ which I thing is almost a perfect example.
If you supply really great answers then your answer might be answered "best answer".
If you ask a really good question and supply the details so that someone can give it a really good answer your question might be marked as "featured" also.