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Does this sound too much like spam? Answered

I'm currently working on an instructable on how to determine what sound equipment will best fit your needs.  I have a step in there about effects, however, I strongly believe that if you are going to use effects, that you should use Lexicon.  I say as much in my instructable, but I don't want anyone to think I work for Lexicon, or am somehow advancing myself by promoting Lexicon.  I have included the excerpt that I am concerned about below.  If you could tell whether or not you think it sounds like spam, that would be great.  Also, if you do think it sounds like spam, could you give me some suggestions about how I could revise it so that it doesn't?

If most people seem to think it doesn't sound like spam, best answer will go to the first person who responds as such.  Otherwise, it will go to the person who can suggest the best way to revise it.  Thanks in advance!

"If you decide that you need an effects processor for your system, I would recommend an "all around" effects processor that has all of the major effects on it such as delay, echo, reverb, pitch shift, etc.  It should also have good parameter adjustments on it so that you can tweak it.  A decent effects processor would be here.  It is pretty much the only effects processor that I will use.  It's not cheap, but it is worth every penny.  Lexicon is considered the leader in effects, so even if you can't afford the one I linked (the MX200), try to look for a Lexicon that you can afford."



Best Answer 6 years ago

So long as you offer a balanced opinion on what to get- 'how to choose an effects processor', or make the ible exclusively on 'how to operate an xyz product' then it totally works.

There are plenty of ibles on 'how to assemble xyz product' or 'how to apply specific xyz product' so it shouldn't be a problem

If you write an ible saying "how to decide' and say - x is better than y without any objective evidence, then its pretty spammy.

OK, thanks for the input! I'm probably going to review a lot of sound equipment brands in the last step, do you think it would be enough to put a few different effect processor brands in that, or should I include something directly with with this excerpt? Thanks again for your help!

As step by step instructions go, selecting the processor I think would be one of the first, then how to use a/each given one would be a different step.

My whole instructable is on how to select your equipment... I really only touch on effects. I have the steps in this order:
1. Determining what equipment you will need.
2. Determining the right sound mixer for your needs
3. Choosing your speakers
4. Choosing an amp
5. Effects processing
6. Choosing your microphones
7. Purchasing your cabling
8. Popular Brand Reviews
9. Conclusion

So, I'm basically wondering if it will be enough to balance it out if I put some of the other brands in step 8?

Thanks for your help! :)

shouldn't be a prob, worst case, you can always change it later!

As long as you add your contribution you'll be fine. "Here is some software" is to be avoided.


Thanks for your input... Although Lexicon does make effects plug-ins, the effect processors I am talking about are actually hardware. :)


6 years ago

Sounds fine to me, but if you're concerned just delete the last sentence in the excerpt.

Thanks for your input... I will consider deleting the last sentence, or as others have pointed out; balancing it out with some other possibilities. :)

That doesn't sound like SPAM at all. You are presenting a project, and you're providing your professional opinion about what equipment a user is going to find useful.

I don't consider that spam per se. Recommendations for software, products and materials are sometimes needed or may be later asked by other members if you don't offer up some suggestions. If there are alternatives that you can suggest, then that would make your whole instructable that much less biased, but I think you have the right to form your own opinions in what you write.