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Does time of the entry matter? Answered

Please note this is not a complain or anything of a sort but rather just a wondering, a question.
I am not a total newbie here but I am also not much of an active user. 
I am a busy leatherworker with no spare time for almost anything. I do love writing tutorials and helping others who want to know more about working with leather. When I write a tutorial I put my time and effort to make it really good so a person who follows it have almost none questions left. It does take a huge amount of time which usually leads to the fact that I enter a contest at the very last day/moment.  
And here comes my question. Since the voting is open from the start of the contest don't those who entered in the beginning have more benefits/chances to win simply because they have entered early and so have more views/votes? I know there are those three days still open for voting after a contest is closed but this is a too short period comparing to the month or even more time available to the early birds. How does the entry time affect the selection of the finalists which from what I understand is based purely on viewers' voting? Do judges take into consideration the fact that the entry was at the last minute so could not get too many votes for the very same reason? Thank you!


Time of entry in a contest does not make any difference.

I wouldn't worry about it. I have entered contests in the very last minute quite a few times and always made it to the finalists. Rather spend your on finishing it properly.

Thank you very much!! That makes me feel better :-)



To even out the chances of getting into the finalist pool with the whole voting period thing, there will be some staff and sponsor picks not based on the general voting. The finalists then go on to judging. If you have a great instructable, it will get noticed whenever it gets added to the contest. You gotta be in it to win it. Good luck.

Thank you very much for clarifying this for me, I appreciate it!