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Does voting reset if the Instructable is edited? Answered


I entered my instructable into the LED contest that is still running and it was accepted and the Instructables itself was/is doing well 13k+ views for my first one, so I'm happy.

I then noticed a spelling mistake, so I edited the instructable and re-published it to fix that up.
I then received an email saying it was entered into the LED contest and then another one a bit later saying it was accepted..
This is after it had already been accepted into the contest a couple of weeks ago.

Just wanted to know if the above actions would reset the original votes on it because it was edited and apparently 're-entered', into the contest?



It *shouldn't* re-set.

If you think it has, you can drop an email to service@instructables.com and ask them to check.

I just had a bad feeling when I got the email saying I have entered the contest, having it already been in the contest for a few weeks...
That is a great idea though! Might be best to double check. Cheers.

service@instructables.com has confirmed that it has not been reset. So I would assume that others with the same problem haven't been affected as well. Thanks everyone!

The same thing happened to me. Same contest, same thing, except for that fact that mine had 14K ;)

I hope if doesn't reset it. If it does, that would a REALLY annoying bug!

I've tested it a bit more. I don't think it resets.

Glad it wasn't just me. But that is hopeful news! Thanks for letting me know :)