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Does yoga do what it claims it can? Answered

Hi people! 

Does yoga really do what it claims to? 

Here in my place, my parents and elders claim that yoga can prevent diseases(like cancer, or blood pressure variations, diabetes etc), and even help in curing of above mentioned diseases. Is it really true? If yes, what is the mechanism behind it? If no, then what does it really do?



5 years ago

I haven't heard a lot of claims about yoga. It is just a form of exercise and like any form of exercise can help prevent disease, and maintain cardiovascular health. But whether yoga is better than other forms of exercises can really only be proven by doing a study (follow the health outcome of a number of people half that do yoga half that do something else of a long period of time). I am not sure if any studies have been done already.


5 years ago

It might help with blood pressure issues, since it will help you calm yourself and increase your general level of fitness.

But, as for cancer and diabetes, there is no direct mechanism for yoga to prevent them.

Rather than persuading your family that they are wrong, why not challenge them to prove that they are right? Refuse to believe them until they provide verifiable evidence, but be nice about it.

Caveat: yoga may be said to *help* prevent diabetes if it is used to reduce a person's weight, since diabetes can be triggered by obesity.